A viral wart is a very common growth of the skin caused by infection with human papillomavirus (HPV). A wart is also called a verruca, and warty lesions may be described as verrucous. Often times our immune system is able to remove the wart but sometimes they are persistent and medical therapies are warranted.

There are many options to treat warts. In the past, most treatments were physical means used to destroy the outer layer of skin that the wart grows on, thus ridding the body of the wart. This can be done with chemicals or by freezing with liquid nitrogen. Warts most often require multiple treatments.

Some therapies mimic the immune system and clear the warts by using the way our body naturally clears warts. Occassionally new warts can appear while others are being treated. The treatment to be used on your wart depends on its location and size, and there will be a discussion about which option is best for your presentation and goals. Warts can reccur even if they have been removed.

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