Benign and Malignant Growths

The physicians at Sand Dermatology are board-certified dermatologists with extensive training and experience in the removal and treatment of all types of lesions, moles, cysts and growths whether they are benign or malignant.

A Benign skin lesion is non-cancerous and non-spreading abnormal tissue that is generally not threatening to your health. These skin lesions may still need to be removed if they are growing or causing irritation or pain.

A malignant lesion has been determined to be cancerous after a biopsy and is characterized by progressive and uncontrolled growth (especially of a tumor). This lesion would be dangerous to your health and thus would need to be surgically removed.

All of our physicians can remove both benign and malignant lesions in our offices under local anesthesia.

Dermatologic Surgeons deal with the diagnosis and treatment of conditions relating to the skin, nails, and veins by different surgical, reconstructive, cosmetic and non-surgical methods on a daily basis. Dermatologic surgeons are board-certified by the American Board of Dermatology demonstrating their education and knowledge about conditions of the skin.

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