Acne is a skin condition characterized by pimples, plugged pores (comedones) and even deeper lumps (cysts or nodules) that occur on the face and body. Acne most often affects teenagers but even adults can get acne. Acne can lead to permanent scarring and effect other conditions like self esteem and depression

What are the different types of Acne?

When you read about acne or other skin diseases, you encounter words or phrases that may be confusing, such as comedo, papule, pustule, nodule and cyst, which are all various types of acne lesions.

Most people between the ages of twelve and seventeen have at least an occasional whitehead, blackhead or pimple, regardless of ethnic backgroun. Many cases of acne can be managed with over the counter products but in some cases prescription treatments are needed. Surpisingly it is estimated that more than half of acne cases can benefit from prescription treatments. In most cases, acne starts during teenage years and persists for 5-10 years. Acne affects young men and young women about equally, but there are differences. Young men are more likely than young women to have more severe, longer lasting forms of acne. Despite this fact, young men are less likely than young women to visit a dermatologist for their acne. In contrast, young women are more likely to have intermittent acne due to hormonal changes associated with their menstrual cycle and acne caused by cosmetics. Hormonal acne can persist well into adulthood.

Almost all types of acne are treatable and there are a few guidelines to remember: Clearing acne takes time, overnight treatments may not be realistic, each treatment plan should individualized as skin types vary greatly, and a dermatologist can provide you with all the options available today which include over-the-counter products, physical procedures such as light therapy and lasers, and prescription medications.

Acne scarring can occur in the setting of acne and there are many procedures today that can effectively reduce or remove the appearance of scarring such as dermasanding, subcision, laser resurfacing and fillers. We can discuss which treatments would be best for your acne scarring!

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