Skin Cancer

Skin cancers are tumours in which there is an uncontrolled proliferation of any of the skin cells, whereas the normal process of regeneration of skin involves replication of the cells in a controlled fashion. Skin cancer most commonly affects older adults, but it can also affect younger adults, and rarely, children.

Skin cancer tends to affect individuals with fair skin (Fitzpatrick skin phototype I, II and III), although people with darker skin can also develop skin cancer. People who have had skin cancer have an increased risk of developing other skin cancers. A family history of skin cancer also increases risk. Certain genes such as melanocortin-1 receptor have been identified as carrying an increased risk of skin cancer.

An excision is a minor surgical procedure that carefully removes cancerous lesions from your body before they have a chance to spread. This modality is used for small to medium sized moles/lesions in areas of the body typically covered by clothing. Excisional surgery is a quick in-office procedure that is usually performed with local anesthesia. Following the procedure, the removed tissue will be sent to our pathology lab to determine if it was cancerous and to see if all the cancerous cells were removed.

Mohs surgery can also be used to remove a skin cancer. Developed in the 1930s by Dr. Frederick Mohs, Mohs micrographic surgery is an extremely effective treatment for a variety of skin cancers. Due to its accuracy, high success rate and cosmetically appropriate outcomes, Mohs remains the gold standard for skin cancer removal. The dermatologists at Sand Dermatology are highly trained to perform this precise surgery with skill and technique refined through years of experience and study.

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